There are some known and key allergens in pet treats but here at Soopa we have chosen hypoallergenic ingredients only. We use pure, single ingredients that are plant based so kinder to your dog and kinder to animals and the environment.

Reactive foods can be anything from chicken, beef, egg, maize, corn, wheat, gluten and soy proteins. A sensitivity or allergy is often to a protein constituent in a food. Luckily Soopa ingredients contain little protein and non-allergenic ingredients that are proven to be good for those sensitive pooches.

Bad Breath:

Bad breath can be caused for a number of reasons but the top culprits are obviously oral hygiene such as tartar build up, gingivitis and worse, tooth decay but sometimes it can be due to an odour omitted from the gut due to a poor diet. Either way all Soopa products can help with oral hygiene and digestion. All other dental issues must be looked at by a veterinarian. Vegetables and fruit contain enzymes proven to help keep clean the mouth and support digestion and provide antibacterial properties that help the ecology of both the mouth and gut. No more stinky dogs.



Soopa sweet potato and papaya are low in fat and contain less than 1% for those dogs who need to count the calories. Coconut on the other hand is heavy on saturated fats but the good kind and based on medium chained triglycerides (MCT’s). These MCT’s are metabolised differently to usual fats. Incredibly this means the fat goes straight to the liver as a source of energy and can even help maintain metabolism as opposed to being detrimental to fat stores. Of course all of these treats should be fed in moderation.



All Soopa products are suitable for pancreatitis. All fresh fruit and vegetables are low in fat and necessary for a diet in pancreatitis. Sweet potato and papaya contain natural enzymes that are suitable for digestion, taking a load off the pancreas and providing natural nutrition that is known to be supportive in this condition. Coconut’s MCT’s go straight to the liver meaning lipase produced by the pancreas is not required and bile from the liver is reduced in production when emulsifying fats.


Liver or Kidney Disease:

Soopa products are plant based and low in protein. Something one requires when the liver or kidneys are compromised. Good, healthy and natural nutrition is the best and a restricted diet of protein can help reduce the stress on the liver and kidneys. We do however promote a raw, fresh-based protein diet for all dogs even with restrictions in place.


Poor Digestion:

All Soopa products are great for supporting a sensitive digestion. Sweet potato contains a bacterium known for digestive support and papaya provides a proteolytic enzyme that aids protein digestion. Coconut, although small amounts should be introduced slowly, is beneficial to digestion. It has shown to be suitable and in some cases beneficial for IBS, slow motility, inflammation and even restoring the lining of the digestive tract.


Low Immunity:

All of our Soopa foods are well known for being supportive of a good immune system. Containing phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals and MCT’s these superfoods are on the top of the list for nutrition. Lauric acid found in coconut meat can be formed into Monolaurin in the gut. An antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent that helps support the immune system against pathogens.